Friday, August 28, 2009

You want this branch? You and what flock?

On the right is where the action is in this fighting scene. Egret A is calling out Egret B --you will notice the crowd is looking on kind of stupified. After all, an good Egret worth his feathers wouldn't be hanging out on the outside branches as night falls. Then to fight over those miserly spots, on top of it. Makes a bird wonder where the world's coming to.

The scene is from the heronry I discovered yesterday near Kirbyville. It was an amazing gathering spot. This one tree was the focus. Apparently it is the address of choice for social climbing herons. Last one in at night has to fight his way into plush addresses.

I would still be shooting there, but I filled up my memory card, and I forgot to reformat the other that is on the blink.
--steve buser


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