Saturday, August 1, 2009

What kind of garbage is this?

When I went into the store, the big Grackle on the right was wandering around in this pudde on the parking lot. When I came out, he was still there. So, I figured, he wasn't going to go anywhere while I puled my camera out and adjusted it. I was right, of course, he hung around and just periodically checked me out to make sure I was no threat.

Every few minutes the bird on the left would com flying back to the puddle, with treasures in her mouth. She would hand it to her puddle king. He would wash it, chew for a while and give it back to her. This could happen two or three times before each piece was gone.

But this time, she shoved it into the big guy's mouth and he chewed a few times and let it fly. Apparently he likes his garbage well done.

--steve buser

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