Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Golden Second

As we went into Logan's the other night, I noticed a bank of white clouds building in the sky. "It would bea great shot," I thought, but was too lazy to go back to the car for my camera. However, on the way out, my laziness was rewarded (the universe is perverse) when we saw the tops of the clouds, catching that last few seconds of orangish-pink rays -- the sun had already set, sicentists tell us, but old Helios had figured away to curve his arrows and sent them streaming through the highest layers of the sky, ignoring the horizon.

I new I had only a few seconds, so I ran to my car and grabbed my glass eye and started shooting. As pretty as this picture is, it only captures a fragment of the beauty - the rays had already climbed halfway up the bank of clouds -- a blow off from a massive thunderstorm that had formed to the east.

You have heard of the "golden hour" right? This would have to be called the "golden second" -- I only got 5 shots off before the gold was gone and night washed in like a tide covering a beach.

Every once in a while God plays with the scenery to remind us that every second is precious. Most of the time we are too busy to watch and let the meaning sink in.

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