Friday, May 15, 2009

Still standing after all these years

Tenmile Canal is an old logging waterway that runs off of the Neches River north of I-10 into the Big Thicket National Preserve. Before the logging days of old, and before the River made another turn, Tenmile Creek used to run up through the area.

The loggers would go back into the the canal and then dig little canals fanning out a little further to pull the logs down to tie them together and float them out. Most of that is grown over by now.

This tree sits out in the canal a short ways from the shore just past its entrance. Why did they take it down? Maybe because of the spiral shape that didn't meet their standard of "beauty" or "utilitiy."

You know what they say "One man's trash is another bird's home."

--steve buser

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