Monday, May 25, 2009

Shangri OOOOh La La ---

This purple Water Lily greets the visitor on the way to the back gardens in Shangri La Boganical Gardens and Nature Center in Orange, Texas. It is at the front of a small clear pool. The dragon fly is apparently a fixture too. As I walked up to take a picture, he flew away. As I stood there preparing for the shot, he flew back and took the same position. Then I moved to adjust my angle. He flew away again. After about 10 seconds, he figured I was no threat -- anyone who carries their third eye around in their hand can be much of a menace. He came back and landed in the same place-- almost opposite the flower from me. I quickly took my shots and moseyed on, leaving him guarding his flower.

I had 252 acres of intense eye candy to take in - a gathering storm was starting to rumble off in the distance.

--steve buser

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