Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flashy bird

Here's the strange thing -- this looks like it was shot with a flash right? IT WAS!

This Mocking Bird sat there and let me shoot shot after shot. It started when I slowly closed in from behind him shooting shots. After about the 7th one, I decided to see if I could get a flash shot. "I'm only going to get one," I thought, because it would surely scare him away. It didn't.

So I moved slowly around to the front. Well, not quite the front, but close enough. I clicked off a few shots sans flash, then decided again to go for that one last shot, this time with the flash. I took my time to check all my settings. I was still pretty far away, so I bumped the flash to maximum.

I clicked the shot. TO my surpise the Mocking Bird was still there. I edge close and shot a another flash. Again and again. Maybe 8 shots total. This is the second to last shot. Finally, our fair featherd fried decided that he had had enough posing and flittered off into the gathering shadows.

Amazing to me that he didn't fly off on the first flash.

By the way do you see two feet? Me neither.
--steve buser

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