Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stark wonder

I think this goes a little beyond serendipity -- when you are searching for something and you unexpectedly find some other valuable thing. We've talked about that before.

But this? Way beyond that.

I was shooting a picture of the famous Stark House in Orange, TX the other day. Then I thought I would get some shots of the details. That's when I shot this.

I didn't even look at the picture till just now. I saw it just a few minutes before you. - the three egrets flying past.

Now, I don't believe this is seredipity, because I was only shooting a picture. Its as if you were shooting a picture of the Mall in Washington, D.C. and the President walks up. No way you can say, you're being in Washington allowed that to happen. It did of course, but that was just the smallest cog in a bunch of cosmic gears that would allow something like that to occur.

These three cosmic actors puzzle me. I suspect there is something going on in this universe that I cannot comprehend. Somehow, that comforts me.

--steve buser

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