Friday, September 23, 2011

Hummingbird dictator may be vulnerable?

What's wrong with this tough guy that is terrorizing the other humming birds in my back yard? 

He has been claiming the fount of eternal elixir (otherwise known as the hummingbird feeder) as his sole  and exclusive property for several weeks now. He fends off any claim by intruders with an aerial battle that rivals F-16s. 

That has been going on for a while.  

But now, he perches there with his mouth wide open in some kind of "spiking the football" gesture. I don't know if he got into a testosterone-spiked flower or he is just into the super macho kind of the elixir thing, Rambo-style. 

It's fun to watch, but the other hummingbirds I am sure are not enjoying it. I have heard talk of a coup.

I may join the conspirators -- this guy is just relishing his role too much. What if I put the other hummingbird feeder on the other side of the yard? Could Mr. Macho defend that much territory?