Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Drought will not let go of SE Texas

This stagnating drought is taking its toll.  Despite a few occasional respites, the dry is soaking into everything.  I had stopped by a pond a few years back to take a shot during a former drought and I was devastated by the drying and dying I saw.

So, I thought I would check out another near by pond (one I had not yet explored). It was much the same story this year.  The heat-soaked mud bottom was exposed and the cracks were opening deeper and deeper. Maybe some cooler weather will help that a bit. but, today was not that.  With the temperature scorching to the upper 90's again, it feels like summer has a dug its claws into Southeast Texas and is going for the kill.

Please, somebody tell the weatherman that summer is over! 
It doesn't take a weatherman to know when to call off a drought. Enough, already.

Tomorrow -- the colors of drought.