Monday, July 20, 2009

Striking weather

There was a front sweeping across the region. I had already passed by Lamar University where I work. But on the ride back from lunch, I kept noticing the darkening skies sliding (I was hoping) to the east. I decide to climb the steps to the Montaigne Center for a view. There was one particular area where lightning would fly from about every 2 minutes. It would flicker a few times before it quit. I figured I would never get the first strike on my camera, but might get lucky with one of the follow-ons. This is the result.

One issue though, I thought that was one of the biggest strikes I ever saw. Then, I look at the picture and its just a puny line. By the way, it is not striking the storage tank -- it is striking several miles behind it.
--steve buser

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